Earth Abides Press Release | August 2018

‘Earth Abides’


PORTSMOUTH – The tribal and earth art of New Hampshire Art Association member Debra Tillar will be on display for the month of August at the Robert Lincoln Levy Gallery.


The exhibit, titled “Earth Abides,” includes dreamcatchers, spirals and medicine ladders inspired by Tillar’s love of nature and by the cultures and regions she has visited traveling to the seven continents and many remote island around the world.


“My artwork is created with vines, roots, branches, and other natural objects that I collect from the woods and beach near my home in New Hampshire,” Tillar said. “I also decorate my pieces with found or repurposed objects, or sometimes with items I’ve brought back from my travels.”


Tillar said when she walks outdoors, she sees art in a broken branch covered in moss, in a weathered bone, in a twisted vine or a gnarled root, in a piece of driftwood, in a fallen leaf or sea-worn shell.


“The natural shapes of the materials I use influence my process of construction and design,” she said. “I let the treasures of the Earth speak to me.”

Tillar said the idea for her spiral designs came to her in a dream.


“The fact that a spiral-shaped dreamcatcher came to me in a dream is significant, and it has become my favorite design to use,” she said.