Visions::Symmetry Press Release | July 2018


PORTSMOUTH – The photographs of William Townsend will be on
display in an exhibit during the month of July in the New Hampshire
Art Association’s Robert Lincoln Levy Gallery.

Townsend of Portsmouth is a photographer whose artistic practice
uses digital technology to create unique images from the basic
shapes found in nature.

His work begins with the photographic capture of natural objects,
which he converts into unique images using a variety of digital tools
and techniques. The initial photograph is a starting point to explore
and discover the simple and complex forms and lines that live within
the original image.

Townsend’s goal is to create images that bring forth the beauty and
wonder at the heart of both the natural world and the realm of the

For his upcoming exhibit titled, “Vision::Symmetry,” he has created a
series of images where panoramic symmetries have been
transformed into imaginable worlds.

Townsend has been creating digital art for many years and is a juried
member of the NHAA and the Plymouth Art Guild in Massachusetts.
His work has appeared in numerous juried and personal exhibits and
has received several awards.