Galactic Fireworks Press Release | July 2018

Galactic Fireworks

PORTSMOUTH – July is the month when fireworks light up the night
sky in celebration.

Portsmouth artist Nicholas Skally will be lighting up the walls of the
East Gallery at the New Hampshire Art Association’s Robert Lincoln
Levy Gallery with his acrylic paintings in a show titled “Galactic

Skally’s collection of works are inspired by outer space imagery as
captured by NASA telescopes.

“It celebrates the awesomeness of our cosmos and the beautifully
destructive events that take place there, such as supernovas, stellar
mergers, and ultra luminous pulsars, to name a few,” Skally said.

Skally incorporates water, clear medium, paint, fluid acrylics, and ink,
using a palette knife to enhance and affect lines, forms, and texture.
The organic nature of this process establishes paths of motion that he
then manipulates to give the paintings life and create the images
seen within.

His movements during the process can be frenetic and spontaneous
at times and slow and deliberate at others. Each painting is
developed layer by layer, over several weeks.

The result is streams of carefully chosen color combinations with
dynamic fluidity and rich textures.

“The meaning is left to the viewer,” Skally said. “I let the narrative
reside in one’s own interpretations. ‘What do you see?’”