BoW III (Body of Work Series III) Press Release | July 2018

BoW III (Body of Work Series III)

PORTSMOUTH – The New Hampshire Art Association will be holding
a “Body of Work: Series III” exhibition during the month of July at the
Robert Lincoln Levy Gallery on State Street.

NHAA holds several “Body of Work” shows throughout the year to
give its members an opportunity to show a grouping of their works as
opposed to having one piece getting lost hanging among many other
artists’ works. Artists are chosen by a lottery for each of these series.
Artists included in this BOW show include Catherine DiPentima,
Renee Giffroy, Gail Walsh Kushner, Margaret Merritt, Paul J. Noel,
Norm Ramsey, Marta Spendowska, Marianne Stillwagon and
Christine S. Utter.

Utter, a photographer from Exeter, said her early work was mostly
rendered in black and white or sepia tone and had a vintage style.
Her show is titled “Sacred Destinations.”

“When Digital SLR Cameras arrived on the scene in the early 2000’s,
I was definitely a bit skeptical at first,” Utter said. How could these
digital images ever compare to the lovely fine art prints of the past?”
Utter has combined old and new processes by making alternative
photographic prints” using a 19 th century process by hand-coating 100
percent cotton rag paper with a solution containing platinum and/or
palladium salts as well as an iron oxalate sensitizer.

‘I then create a large format digital negative and use sunlight to
expose the image as a contact print,” Utter said. “Another way I’ve
combined the old with the new is by using a zero image pinhole
camera. I am always searching for new, creative ways to combine the
old with the new, while still finding ways to embrace the digital
revolution as a whole.”

Spendowska is a Polish-born American artist and illustrator residing
in Kensington. Since her arrival in the United States in 2005, she has
worked with a wide range of art collectors and consultants, fashion
and beauty brands, and interior designers.

Her show for this BOW is titled “Wetlands.”
“The ‘Wetlands’ series comes from my heart, directly,” Spendowska
said. “The paintings are an extension cord to and of my yearly travels
to Poland. It’s where I hang out with my old self, revisit topics of
belonging and lost or gain time.”

Now, living on the coast of New England has become Spendowska’s
“most cherished medicine.”

“The wind, the sand, the water, no matter how cold — the Ocean, like
a God Mother — nourishes,” she said. “The touch of gold on
paintings serves as an offering to Her and becomes a shimmer of
eternal hope.”

The BOW: SERIES III exhibit offers visitors a variety of media from
pastels to photographs by nine artist members of the NHAA.

Looking Up River |  Catherine DiPentima  | Pastel

Looking Up River | Catherine DiPentima | Pastel