Into the Light Press Release | June 2018

‘Into The Light’
Husband and wife NHAA artists to exhibit in Levy Gallery

PORTSMOUTH – The husband and wife team of Kimberly and David Meuse of Portsmouth will be exhibiting their art in the East Gallery of the New Hampshire Art Association’s Robert Lincoln Gallery during the month of June.

The name of their joint exhibit is “Into The Light.”

The watercolor still life paintings by Kimberly are inspired by the drama of chiaroscuro – the play of light and dark. Her lush paintings tend to focus on this light and shadow play, turning glass into refracted shapes on drapery folds and reflecting the world beyond in silver vessels holding florals.

Kimberly is self-taught in her style of watercolor painting, after an introductory course in college where she studied graphic design that opened the door to the wonders and challenges of the medium. The graphic design world focuses on simplifying messages, while Kimberly's eye consistently sought the finer points and sumptuous detail. After a decade of working in corporate design, she followed her heart to fine art and watercolor.

For more info about Kimberly and her artwork visit She is also on Instagram and Facebook.

David is an image artist with a focus on photography. His work sits at two extreme ends of the spectrum.

He creates images of scenes devoid of people, but that convey clarity and emotion. And he creates images of people brought together by emotion and events to shine a powerful light into the darkness.

David believes there is beauty all around us if we only put ourselves in a position to see it, to nurture it, and to share it once we find it.

“Bob Dylan once said the ‘the purpose of art is to stop time’,” David said. “The novelist James Baldwin went further. He said that the purpose of art is ‘to lay bare the questions that have been hidden by the answers’.”

David tries to do both in his photography. You can see more of his work at

Fort Stark 5  |  David Meuse  | Photography

Fort Stark 5 | David Meuse | Photography