Expressionistic Impressionism...Impressionistic Expressionism Press Release| June 2018

‘Expressionistic Impressionism…Impressionistic Expressionism’

PORTSMOUTH – Artists Jack Davis of Dover and Doug Richards of Bow have been painting for more than 50 years. They have been friends for all this time, sharing their views on painting and all things about living a life.  

That is where their similarities end, as their combined art exhibit will attest in a show titled “Expressionistic Impressionism…Impressionistic Expressionism” to be held during the month of June at the Robert Lincoln Levy Gallery.

“Over the past 50 years, I have been an on again – off again, part-time artist hoping to one day paint full-time,” Richards said.  “Four years ago in 2014, at age seventy, my hope became reality. It has been as satisfying as I had anticipated, and then some.”

Born and raised in the Concord area, many of Richards’ paintings reflect much of what is familiar to him in Northern New England.

“I paint mostly with oil and watercolor, the determining factor of which medium I use is simple – whichever one suits me for the subject at hand and the image of it that I have in my mind’s eye,” Richards explained. “I then execute the painting relatively quickly to give the artwork an appearance of spontaneity; a sense of life, if you will, and for it to not look like a labored effort.”

The artist is represented by Rowland Studio in Concord, NH and the Lupine Gallery on Monhegan Island in Maine.

“My paintings are joyful to create and are a ‘Listen to the Silence’ kind of life experience for me,” Richards said. “Most hopefully, my paintings will assist the viewer to take pause and feel a sense of quiet respite.”

Davis will be including some of his earlier work as well as some more current pieces.

“Since I left the University of New Hampshire years ago, I have worked primarily in oils, creating still lifes and landscapes that are in various collections throughout New England,” Davis said.

“For the last 30 years my work has become more personal; involving the use of transparencies, visual symbols and color extremes to convey my message as a lyricist and storyteller.”

Winter Sunset  |  Doug Richards  | Mixed Media

Winter Sunset | Doug Richards | Mixed Media