"Lost Places" | Jan to Mar | 2 Pillsbury Street

Lost Places exhibit from Steve Genatossio

“My camera serves as a time machine. The subjects that intrigue me are man-made structures whose time here is limited. Most often when I return to a location the subjects have vanished or been altered in a significant way. The Old World has icons that have lasted thousands of years while the New World seems to tire easily of most things. I believe in preservation and my camera helps to preserve it's subjects in a time to which one cannot go back.”

In addition here is some updated info about me from my website.

Steve Genatossio is a fine art photographer based in the New Hampshire Seacoast area.

He is a graduate of the New England School of Photography and ran a successful commercial studio specializing in product photography during the eighties. Since the early nineties, Steve has concentrated on fine art photography. Known mostly for his black and white depictions of decrepit abandoned buildings shot with film, the more recent digital projects that he’s worked on seem to share the same common thread of time found in the earlier work.          

Steve’s philosophy is simple.

"I photograph familiar objects and places with intent to spark feelings of nostalgia in the viewer”