Hi there.

The homepage will replace this, but for now, here are the current notes on this project:

  1. in order accept donations, sell gift certificates, and sell member renewals, you'll need to set up a Stripe account. Have whoever is handling finances or the NHAA credit card payments go to stripe.com and set one up for NHAA. It's a very quick and simple process. In the beginning, we'll need access to this account to se tit up properly and to test. After launch, you can change your credentials because we'll no longer need access.
  2. There are several spots throughout the site that could use better (or any) content. You'll find these comments in fixed-space fonts surrounded by asterisks, like this
    1. *** This is a comment. It's for you, but will be removed when dealt with ***
  3. As a site for visuals artists, this site is sorely lacking visuals. We can use some stock photos to begin with ($10-$25 each, typically), but it would be nice to have members' art throughout the site. I recommend  asking for high-res images you like, plus whatever will be in the caption (eg "Winter Barn", Acrylic, by John Smith)
  4. Want to see the current homepage in progress? Click me!
  5. The calendar items are a bit disjointed. I suggest we site down for a half-hour to discuss how to best implement and maintain the calendar and the component parts (exhibits vs events vs special interest groups, etc.) sooner rather than later.
  6. It appears you may have a newsletter. Or at least that you only have one and it's available only from the homepage. We should chat about making the most out of newsletters and how you can extend that content.
  7. We have not implemented Business of Art. I think we discussed featuring it on the homepage only, not on the main nav.