Bill Childs | Member Spotlight

“My good friend, Barbara Cowan, recalls seeing a painting of mine as part of a NHAA exhibit at Keene State College when she was a student there in the early sixties. Barbara was a student teacher with me in the MIlford, NH schools while I was an art instructor there. That was in 1964. She had seen the painting prior to her working with me and she remembers that she had not met me then and suspects that she viewed the exhibit a year or so earlier.  

Arriving in Milford in the fall of 1956, I was asked by someone if I was willing to drive a member of the NHAA Board of Directors to meetings to various locations in southern New Hampshire. Rosmond deKalb was the artist involved and since he was physically handicapped he needed a driver. He lived in Nashua and his delightful wife, Peg, often accompanied us on our jaunts. We rode in my 1951 Dodge, one of the ugliest cars I have ever driven. We always returned to their Nashua home for sherry. At the time Rosmond suggested that I submit for membership in the Association. I don’t believe that I did at the time as I was drafted into the US Army in July of 1957 and returned to Milford and teaching in the summer of 1959 at which time I married Bette Ann Hutchinson. She passed away in 2001.” -Bill Childs

Bill continues to be an active member and we would like to thank him for his dedication and longtime support.