Jurying Criteria

Technical skill and craftsmanship:

The artist’s handling of the medium and use of materials
Does the artist show control, skill and experience (draftsmanship)?
Does the artist show adeptness at using the medium’s characteristics?

Design and level of achievement:

Does the design and composition of the work exhibit knowledge of the principals of design (balance perspective, rhythm and unity, use of color, line, texture, form and shape)?
Is there a design consistency within each piece and in the artist’s body of work?
Does the work show that it has taken time, thought, knowledge and skill?

Artistic style:

Does the work show creativity and show a distinct style for the artist?
Does the work express the artist’s feelings and thoughts and does not copy those of another artist’s?
Does the body of work show a consistent level of exploration?

Presentation and overall impression:

Is the overall impression of the work positive?
Is the work presented in a manner that enhances the art?
Does the work show excitement and originality?