As part of our commitment to the New Hampshire Art Association, our members are encouraged to get involved through volunteerism. This may take the form of gallery sitting, hanging exhibits, gallery maintenance, or committee involvement. Below is a list of current committees and a brief description of their focus.

Membership Committee represents the needs of the membership to the Board of Directors, assists the Board to support those needs, working in conjunction with the Special Interest Group Committee.

Hanging Committee oversees the organization, aesthetic and display of all member exhibitions at the Levy Gallery.

Special Interest Groups supports the development of groups of artists from various disciplines. They include but are not limited to painting, pleine aire, photography, sculpture, and printmaking. Artists meet to discuss their work, organize events, etc.

Fund Raising/ Sponsorship identifies and organizes fund raising events, maintains donor lists, and cultivates possible sponsors.

Media Communications (PR) sends advertising materials for NHAA events to local media outlets.  Keeps in close communication with the Gallery Manager to stay current on upcoming activities of the Association.

Educational Outreach develops lectures, classes and exhibit exchanges held at the Levy Gallery and elsewhere.

Sales and Marketing develops materials and strategies to promote the NHAA and it’s artist members.

Please contact to join a committee