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NHAA invites fellow art organizations and educational institutions to advertise their “business of art” workshops on this page. Below is the criteria for approved posting:
-Organization must be based in New Hampshire
-Workshops/classes must offer professional development opportunities for visual artists such as: business, entrepreneurial, and technological educational content.
-Workshop/classes must be open to the public



NH Small Business Development CenterAdvanced Social Media Tools and Tactics
This course covers strategies on how to use LinkedIn for business purposes, to incorporate advanced tips about Facebook and Twitter, to utilize podcasting, and to implement measurement and reputation tools.

If you haven’t taken Social Media for Small Business already, we hope you will check out that course first to get a foundation in the basics.
NH Small Business Development CenterInstagram For BusinessREGISTER
NH Small Business Development CenterSocial Media For Small Business
The course defines social media and describes how businesses can take advantage of four major social media tools: Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and YouTube. The course is hands-on and walks you through how to use social media tools and build an effective Internet based marketing plan.
NH Small Business Development CenterGetting Started On Your Small Business Website
You need a website! How do you start? Where do you go? What should be included on your new site? This mini course will help you address these questions and make a plan for how to get started on your website.
NH Small Business Development CenterSites That Sell: Building Your E-Commerce Business
Learn how to set up your website to sell online, from getting your domain name to successful sales. The course provides information and many links to resources for choosing payment systems, fulfilling orders, marketing your site and going mobile.
NH Small Business Development CenterUnderstanding Advertising And Promotions
In an depth look at defining your audience, objectives, and advertising platform. Discusses how to determine the advertising budget, using print media, using radio and television, direct marketing options, promoting internet websites, public relations and publicity and evaluating your advertising plan.

166 Animated Slides - Approximately 3.0 Hours (You can stop a course and restart from that point by bookmarking it)
NH Small Business Development CenterUnderstanding Intellectual Property
This course defines exactly what a copyright, trademark, and patent are and what kinds of protection they might afford your business. The process of establishing such protection is presented for each kind of property. Also discussed are international intellectual property protection issues and important legal documents such as non-disclosure agreements.

129 Animated Slides - Approximately 2.5 Hours (You can stop a course and restart from that point by bookmarking it)
Art ProfMission Statement
We want to provide equal access to visual arts education for people of all ages and means. In most schools, visual arts programs are meager or simply do not exist. Private art classes and higher education programs are not affordable for most people. Art Prof provides a unique opportunity for a global community to access a free visual arts education.
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